We are almost halfway to our goal for 2014!

Bank account balance $21,771 Each $5 donation feeds 2 people

Email donate@operationturkey.com with your donation amount, then
  1. Mail a check to our address, or
  2. Donate at the Turkey Tailgate (check/cash/cc), or
  3. Donate right now (cc only - min $25 donation).
2014 Food Costs $50,000
2014 Budget Shortfall $28,229
Thousands of homeless and people less fortunate than others in our hometowns are able to receive a hot meal, warm clothes, and other needed supplies at Thanksgiving through the efforts of Operation Turkey volunteers.
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Each Thanksgiving, Operation Turkey effectively organizes local teams of volunteers - families, friends, and businesses - to cook, prepare, pack, and deliver tens of thousands of hot meals and provide other necessities to many people in need.
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Operation Turkey relies solely on the generous community of volunteers joining together at Thanksgiving to help others in Texas and other states. It's a simple way of giving back to the towns we love, an effort that makes a real difference, and a tremendously rewarding way to share the spirit of Thanksgiving.
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